We Give Back ♥

Ten percent of all proceeds go to charitable causes.



We put our money where our heart is

Making an impact is what we aspire to do because we are crazy about two things:
1) educating ambitious students and young alumni about exciting companies and careers to better the world and
2) providing everyone a fair opportunity to do what they’re destined to do without bias

Marrying the two is the singular reason careerICQ was created.

Our company is built around this core vision and with that in mind our donations go to 3 different buckets:
Bucket 1: Scholarships to underprivileged students.
Bucket 2: Clothing drives to provide less fortunate job-seekers with appropriate interview attire.
Bucket 3: Non-Profit charities that support positive diversity efforts.

We think it’s important to raise awareness for these causes, and we welcome charity recommendations that fall into these three buckets. You can submit your charity through our contact us page and if approved, we will add them to our donations list.